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 Puck Star Hockey is proud to announce the opening of our new shooting lab. Here at Puck Star Hockey we will be offering a facility where players can train in a fun and friendly atmosphere . The facility consists of synthetic ice shooting tunnels, a stick handling area, locker rooms, off-ice training and stride mechanics area, radar guns, video analysis, waiting area, and merchandise store.  

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Mission statement- Our goal at Puck Star Hockey is to give all of our athletes the proper training to help the perform at the highest level. Puck Star Hockey focuses on the bio mechanics of shooting and passing with in the game of hockey. 

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 Puck Star Hockey is a company for hockey player by hockey players . We offer an array of products from lifestyle apparel to a full training facility working on the bio mechanics of shooting and passing. Our facility has a synthetic ice sheet that allows players to actually be on there skates to make it an easy transition from our facility to the rinks, We at Puck Star Hockey have seen such a decrease in talent when it comes to the shooting and passing aspect of the game that we decided to change that! Check out what we have to offer for you or your player today !

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